Yi Ling

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身材超棒的全套服务,超激情诱惑终极口爆,性玩具诱惑就等你来征服她!!! 依玲 is a HOT sexy lady with a pair of ‘D’ cup beautiful firm tits that you will want to suck it whole day long and she love you sucking her tits. I can guarantee you will get an instant hardon when she remove her clothes, she is so freaking HOT!!! When comes to sex, immediately she transform into a sex kitten and you will fall in love with her!! She is skilled in erotic foreplay and she will unleash the horniness in her when you make her high. She has many different types of sex types for you to try on her, confirmed makes all your fantasy goes really wild. So what are you waiting for, call her right now!!!


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***Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastles]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告!***

Location: Hotel In Central (中部酒店)

Bio Data
Name: 依玲 (Yi Ling)
Age: 26
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.63m
Boobs: 36’D’ (All Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Shower/Bath Oral Sex [鸳鸯浴/浴中箫] ☑
☑ Simple Massage [简单按摩] ☑
☑ Silk Stocking Temptation & High Heels Temptation [丝袜诱惑和高跟鞋诱惑] ☑
☑ Sex Toy Temptation [性玩具诱惑] ☑
☑ Kissing [接吻] ☑
☑ Dong Guan Full Body Catbath [舔奶头/过水/口沙/舌尖漫游/指划调情/蚂蚁上树/淫推/臀推] ☑
☑ Breast Massage [性感胸推] ☑
☑ Breast Fuck [乳交] ☑
☑ 69 Painting [69舔妹妹] ☑
☑ Dong Guan 69 Deepthroat Twisting BBBJ [舔蛋蛋/69深喉旋转无套口交/空中飞人/倒挂金勾/地动山摇] ☑
☑ CIM [口爆] ☑
☑ COB [射身/射胸] ☑
☑ JG [抓根] ☑
☑ Passionate FJ [激情做爱] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: No Anal & RAW, so please respect her!!! ✖

Damage (Room & CD Included)
❉ $130/60 mins/Massage + 2 x HJ ❉
❉ $150/60 mins/1 x FJ ❉
❉ $250/90 mins/2 x FJ ❉

Yi Ling


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15 Responses to “Yi Ling”

14/07/2018 Reply

Love Her Boobs: D+ cup
GFE:8.5 /10
Catbath: 7/10
FJ: 10 /10 Multiple positions. Until i was tired and she helps to hj till every load was in her mouth!! Every single drop i tell you!! Hahahahah!!!
The best la siaa!!
BBBJ: 9 /10 Can bbbj very very long, I seriously just let her suck then instruct her to lick my balls etc, again and again. Not tired.
Painting: Yes
Attitude: Very pleasing
Service: Commando style
RTF: Yes

25/06/2018 Reply

FR: Yi Ling
Foreplay/ catbath: 8/10
BBBJ: 8/10 (what I can say is GREAT!!!)
FJ: 9/10 (especially when you are at the top position and look at her, that moment is PRICELESS)
Attitude: 9/10 (fantastic!!!)
GFE: 8/10 (totally that hour is your honey)

I will keep finding her as long as she still at Singapore

Please take good care of her!

01/06/2018 Reply

Great service, treats you like a king. Did with her multiple positions and was a satisfied man.

20/05/2018 Reply


17/05/2018 Reply

妹妹火辣的身材让男人神昏颠倒….必竟她是个女子希望约她的男客能对她文柔点….好一点若许这样妹妹就会对人好一点情绪也会好,请各位好好善待不可多得姑娘. 有幸会是好,没机会就算了可别因而损坏男生型像.

26/04/2018 Reply

This girl is a gem. Sex and bj all perfect. She even requesed me to cim or cof, i never thought someone will like this. Because of this, it increase my overall experience with her. Definitely finding her again. Please treasure this girl. Im so in love with her

24/04/2018 Reply

Just met her just now..she is very very pretty. At least to me. So pretty to me that i didnt really care how her service was. It was good actually but i just cant stop looking at her. Agreed with the rest that she is not very experience but i still love the feeling i had with her. Will rtf soon!

11/04/2018 Reply

Took the first slot. Girl is the same girl in the photos but without makeup so 85% likeness. Fresh and has beautiful breasts and they are VERY sensitive to any touch so be gentle with them. Sevice oriented and will adopt many positions for your thrusting. In front of mirror action was wild. Her looks and gentleness will grow upon you. Love her small lips and dainty features and has to kiss them. Not here for very long so book her. especially at this price point which is not too crazy.

07/04/2018 Reply

之前也約過一些100以上的女孩,都不是很滿意。要麼難約,要麼吊高來賣,問多幾句都不睬。突然精蟲上腦,碰碰運氣約依玲,難得她有空。下班後馬上趕过去。一進門,她只穿着上衣襯衫,裡面的內衣若隱若現。聊了一陣子,她主動幫我脫衣服,我也不能閒,解開她的bra帶,雙手順著往前移動,直到覆蓋住她的雙峰。以我閱胸的經歷,此乃天然好胸,絕對有D。然後洗澡直奔跑主題。洗澡的時候差點把我吹爆,我只能立即喊停。我要求的服務不多,比較注重感覺和女孩的態度,最不喜歡那些吊高來賣的,洋洋都能滿足我,態度和藹,有身材。不得不再次強調她的奶,真的perfect!她的樣子有點像中國的女星楊冪。有點幻覺在上楊冪似的,抽插過程中,雙峰不停上下抖動,美如畫,最後doggie shoot交貨。總體而言很不錯,不過洋洋看起來有點累,皮膚有點差,可能中國天氣冷,剛開始來到這邊不適應。

06/04/2018 Reply

Very well mannered girl. Never rush for time at all. Can say didn’t look at time until the end when she checked to see if there was time for a longer shower. Basically very friendly girl…. after sex can chat for damn long and get into friend zone. You know when that happens one result is certain. You will RTF, hahaha. Service also very good. Blowjob lots of suction, sex lots of position. Will become Ang pai because she’s the type before you meet her you think 130 damn ex. After her service you think 130damn worth it LOL.

05/04/2018 Reply

One of the best girl that I had try !!

Best service she had provided. Her complexion looks are good but is a shock for me that she put her pictures to long hair. Indeed looks even better.
No commercial feel at all and gfe gao gao, after her services got some free time to talk with her. Come from a complicated family that’s what she told me.
To fulfil all my ‘special request’ need some talking skills and of causes some money to spend on. *this my suggestion.
Can try it if got better requests can share, haha.

Her looks are 100% of her photos above, just that gota dark complexion.
Nice slim figure.
Her frenching and “Sha Jiao” skills is out of this world !!

Will definitely rtf !
In fact, i am planning to rtf her this weekend

25/03/2018 Reply

Had a session with this gem. Door open, Whoa pretty in person. Chat for a bit and she help me undress, and headed to shower. Soft Melon soaping me all me with hot water BBBJ and deep throat, almost spill the beans. Great start.
Looks : 7/10 She looks good and she belongs to 耐看行
Boobs: 8/10 Big and very nice shaped, I love sucking her nipples
Bbbj: 8/10 I love the way she suck my cock, especially when she give me the CFM while my cock inside her mouth.
CIM: 9/10 Told her I want a cim, she quickly get up and suck all my cums into her warm mouth. Super shiok!!
FJ : 8/10 Like having sex with my gf, very tight and we did many position. No complaints at all, kudos to that.
GFE : 9/10 Very attentive and treat me very well. Feel like visiting my gf house.
RTF : Definitely

12/03/2018 Reply


12/03/2018 Reply


09/03/2018 Reply


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